Susanna Gaston, President


Betsy Waggoner, Vice President

Cissi Jones, Secretary

Sue Gaston, Treasurer

Gail Piggott, Registrar & Recorder of Military Service Awards

Pam Kearley, Chaplain


Eugenia Ellis Brown- orig. app. approved 15 Feb. 1974, transfer from Pickney Bowles (#2302) to Little Sorrel March 2004

Linda Sue Burkett Gaston- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Margaret Jane Gaston- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Margaret Susanna Gaston-app. approved 15 July 2004

Mary Susan Jones- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Susan Norrell Jones-charter member; app. Approved 30 Aug. 2003

Pamela Norrell Kearley- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Gail Lee Burkett Piggott- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Elaine Lee Thompson- app. Approved 7 Aug. 2012

Ruth Elizabeth Alexander Waggoner- charter member; app. approved 30 Aug. 2003

Stonewall Jackson & Little Sorrel statue
A statue of Stonewall Jackson and Little Sorrel in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Confederate Rose[1]

Chapter Information

Motto: "Reverence for Ancestry, Hope for Posterity"

Flower: Confederate Rose

Colors: Red and Gray

Song: "Rose of Alabama"


The Little Sorrel Chapter meets four times each year. Our year begins in August with the Dues Paying Tea, hosted by Gail Piggott. The December meeting is hosted by Sue and Susanna Gaston. The February meeting is hosted by Margaret Jane Gaston and Betsy Waggoner. Our last meeting of the year is in May, hosted by Cissi Jones and Pam Kearley. During the other months of the year, chapter members participate in UDC or other historical activities individually.


In addition to regular meetings and other patriotic activities, the Little Sorrel Chapter participates in grave marking ceremonies throughout the year. In 2011, the chapter co-hosted a grave marking ceremony at a local cemetery with the Captain W.Y.C. Hannum Chapter from Maryville, Tennessee. The chapter recognizes and honors military heroes and veterans from all wars whenever possible. In 2012, the chapter obtained a World War I Cross of Military Service for Daniel Tom Burkett, an ancestor of three chapter members. A ceremony of bestowal was held on May 19, Armed Forces Day, and the chapter awarded the medal to Travis Burkett, the son of Daniel Tom Burkett. Each year on Valentine's Day, the chapter sends care packages to veterans in an Alabama veterans home.

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